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Expert cabinet designers will design for a kitchen,bathroom or any room for your home or office.


Custom Cabinets design by expert cabinet designers. We have been making cabinets for over 25 years. We can come up with a plan, color and style that is best for you and the style you will want for your home. The time has come to freshen up your dreary cabinets!

The cabinet design of your dreams has never been easier!

We make vanities bookcases, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and more. Take advantage of our free quote service.

Our cabinet designer work with many styles:

This style of design is typified by clean horizontal and vertical lines. Compared to other designs there is a distinct absence of ornamentation. While Scandinavian design is easy to identify, it is much more about the materials than the design.

French Provincial
This style of design is very ornate. French Provincial objects are often stained or painted, leaving the wood concealed. Corners and bevels are often decorated with gold leaf or given some other kind of gilding. Flat surfaces often have artwork such as landscapes painted directly on them. The wood used in French provincial varied, but was often originally beech.

Early American Colonial
This design emphasises both form and materials. Early American chairs and tables are often constructed with turned spindles and chair backs often constructed using steaming to bend the wood. Wood choices tend to be deciduous hardwoods with a particular emphasis on the wood of edible or fruit-bearing trees such as cherry or walnut.
Mission Style


Mission Design

is characterized by straight, thick horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels. The most common material used in Mission furniture is oak. For early mission cabinetmakers, the material of choice was white oak, which they often darkened through a process known as "fuming". Hardware is often visible on the outside of the pieces and made of black iron. It is a style that became popular in the early 20th century; popularized by designers in the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveaux



Shaker furniture design is focused on function and symmetry. Because it is so influenced by an egalitarian religious community and tradition it is rooted in the needs of the community versus the creative expression of the designer. Like Early American and Colonial design, Shaker craftsmen often chose fruit woods for their designs. Pieces reflect a very

efficient use of materials.
Types of cabinetry

The fundamental focus of the cabinet maker is the production of cabinetry. Although the cabinet maker may also be required to produce items that would not be recognized as cabinets, the same skills and techniques apply. A cabinet may be built-in or free-standing. A built-in cabinet is usually custom made for a particular situation and it is fixed into position, on a floor, against a wall, or framed in an opening. For example modern kitchens are examples of built-in cabinetry. Free-standing cabinets are more commonly available as off-the-shelf items and can be moved from place to place if required. Cabinets may be wall hung or suspended from the ceiling.

  • We will come into your home to discuss all the options available to you
  • We then will provide you with a project plan and take precise measurements of your cabinetry
  • On your scheduled day, we will remove your old cabinet doors, hinges, and molding
  • Finally, we will install your new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and decorative moldings that we custom manufacture and pre-finish for you at our factory

Cabinets Experts is a leader in home remodeling innovation, product excellence, and superior customer service.


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